Live Demo

Let us take you through a 15 minute live test drive of Stream Express. To schedule a live demo of Stream Express, please click here

In the live demo of Stream Express, knowledgeable E-STREAM personnel will give you a tour of the following:

  • Stream Express' Creation Environment

  • An Overview of the Key Creation Elements

  • How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation With Audio (or Video)

  • How to Edit This Presentation and Add Graphic Annotation

  • How to Upload This Presentation to E-Stream Servers

  • File Management and Security Options

  • How to Execute On-Demand or Simulated-Live Webcasts 

Additional features about streaming videos or software demos can be shown upon request. 

This live demo is a great way to get a fast feel for what Stream Express can do and how easy it is to do it. Once you have had this live demo, you are ready for your FREE TRIAL.