Highlights for Sales

Sales Meetings

Tired of presenting to your sales people and having to repeat it to those who couldn't make it? Stream Express will record the slide, audio, and even video of your presentation and archive it for those who simply could not make your meeting.

Client-Specific Webcasts

With the decrease in travel budget, much of your sales process needs to be progressed remotely. Stream Express can greatly enhance your sales meeting by streaming your pre-sentation directly to your client. Questions and feedback can be done through follow up or after a scheduled presentation.

Training Sales People on Presentations

How do you leverage the talent and success of your top sales people? One key way is to record and archive their approach and sales pitch. This can then be made available for the rest of your sales team to watch and adopt. They can even use the same slides and record their own version.

International Sales Teams

How can you adopt your sales and marketing for international sales people or customers? With Stream Express, simply do the first one in English and have your overseas counterpart simply modify the slides, audio, and transitions. It's that easy.