Product Specifications and System Requirements


Software Requirements: 

Minimum  Recommended
Operating System Win 98SE & ME   Win 2000 & XP
PowerPoint (If Used)  97, 2000, XP
Browser Internet Explorer 4.1 or Higher

Computer Processor Requirements: 

Minimum  Recommended
Audio Only  200 MHz PII  500 MHz PII 
Audio and Slides  300 MHz PII  500 MHz PII
Video Only  500 MHz PIII  800 MHz PIII
Video and Slides  600 MHz PIII  1000 MHz PIII
Software Demo 1.2 GHz PIV  1.6 GHz PIV

Computer Storage and Memory Requirements: 

Minimum  Recommended
Free Space  40 MB  100 MB
Drive Speed  5400 RPM-66MHz  7200 RPM-100MHz
RAM 128 MB  256 MB 

Multimedia Hardware Requirements:

Audio  Microphone or Tape/CD Player 
Most SoundBlaster Compatible Sound Cards
Video Windows Media Compliant Cameras or Video Capture Cards 

Examples: - Osprey Capture Cards 100/200/500 
Winnov  - Videum Capture Cards AV/VO (PCI)/1000 
Intel Corporation  - Intel PC Camera Pro 
Logitech  - QuickCam USB Camera

Internet Connection 

Minimum  Recommended
Dial-up Modem  DSL/Cable/TI 

Presentation Viewer System Requirements: 


Internet Explorer 4.1 or Higher, Netscape 4.X
Flash MX (6.0) Recommended 
JavaScript enabled Recommended
Media Player  Windows Media Player 6.4 or higher
Hardware Sound Card and Speakers/Head Phones

Internet Connection 

Varies based on Presentation, Low and Medium Audio and slides will work on a dial-up modem
Stream Express Video Formats:
Video Input  NTSC or PAL Based on the capture card
Input File Formats  MPEG 1, AVI (with support CODEC installed on computer) ASF, WMV, WAV, WMA, MP3 
Audio/Video Output  ASF, WMA, WMV 
Output Bandwidth  5 Kbps minimum for Audio 
22 Kbps minimum for Video 
22 Kbps minimum for Software Demo